Eep! Look what I got! 9 days until it’s release!

Eep! Look what I got! 9 days until it’s release!

Charmed Vengeance Read-Along Chapter Twenty-Three + Epilogue

It’s the very last chapter of the #cvreadalong! You’ve got a couple of days to catch up if you’re behind. We’re closing the read-along with a chat on Thursday, July 31st at 6 pm PST on twitter as part of #k8chat where we’re taking read-alongs and all things Aether Chronicles. 

Chapter Twenty-Three

Kevighn leaves for Los Angeles to do what he (thinks) he does best — lure girls to the Otherworld. Only this time the girl he has his sights set on is Elise, James and V’s sister, and Kevighn doesn’t want to kill her, he wants to steal her for the dark king. 

Instead of finding her, Kevighn is the first one to stumble upon the scene of the crime. Being Keivhgn., he cares little for this,steals what he needs and leaves in search of Elise. 

(For those of you who have no idea what Kevighn left in V’s room, it involves excrement. Yeah, infantile and gross. Then again, Keivghn isn’t always the most mature.) 

Meanwhile, not missing Kevighn by much, James, V, and Noli arrive in LA to a horrible scene. Elise and Quinn are gone and Mr. Darrow has been killed by Brogan’s men. Most likely as either a ploy to have V challenge him, so Brogan can kill him without actually having to go kill him, or for the revenge he swore he’d get on Noli for taking the artifact. 

Mr. Darrow’s death means V is now the head of the family, a role he takes seriously. Just like the chapter closed on Noli’s life in LA at the beginning of the book, the book now closes on V’s life in LA as well. 


V, Noli, and James return to the Otherworld and bury Mr. Darrow at the Big House, by the faery tree in the center of the maze.  

They decide that they will journey to the earth court palace and V will challenge Brogan to a duel over the death of V’s father. Noli makes her own vow—to make Brogan pay. Because no one messes with those Noli loves. No one. 

So…what was your favorite parts of the end? Did everything wrap up the way you expected? Was something you were expecting left unresolved? Tell me here or on twitter at #cvreadalong. 

Charmed Vengeance Read-Along Chapter Twenty-Two

Tomorrow is the last official day of the #cvreadalong, but we’re having catch-up until the 31st, when we finish everything up with a twitter chat at 6 pm PST on Thursday with #k8chat as we talk about read-alongs and all things Aether Chronicles. 

Chapter Twenty-Two

This is a relatively short chapter. James, V, and Noli try to figure out what now? Now that the quest is over what do James and V do? Go back to LA? Stay in the Otherworld? 

And Noli? What about her? Her mother has gone to Boston, there’s no home to go back to. She doesn’t really want to rejoin the Vixen’s Revenge. Not to mention she still harbors her dreams of going to a University…and there’s a sprite in her head, which might make something like going to college difficult. 

Then there’s the queen. V has found a loophole, but who knows what Tiana will think? It’s a little rough when your mother is high queen and you can’t defy her, even if she makes no sense. 

One thing these three know is that they need to research the artifact and decide that Quinn, back in Los Angeles will be their first stop for information. 

See you tomorrow for the last chapter and the epilogue!!

Charmed Vengeance Read Along — Chapter Twenty One

We’re just a few chapters away from finishing CHARMED VENGEANCE — and FRAGILE DESTINY releases soon (8/8/14). Don’t forget to join in the fun on twitter #cvreadalong. Also, join us Thursday at 6 pm PST on twitter for #k8chat to talk about read-alongs and all things Aether Chronicles. 

Chapter Twenty-One

James and V take Noli back into the Otherworld in an attempt to save her life. Since they have business with Tiana to attend to—and want to hide Noli’s presence from her—so they decide to put Noli inside a a tree to heal her. I’m not exactly sure where I got that idea (and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t from twitter.) But in some ways it makes sense, after all, they’re earth court. Also, that voice that talks to Noli…you haven’t seen the last of her. 

The voice tells Noli the story of the artifact—exactly what it is, what it does, and why it probably shouldn’t be reassembled. When I started writing this book I wasn’t sure what the artifact was at first and as the story progressed I figured out that it was a staff (and even went back and added details in this book that seem superfluous right now, but will make sense in book three.)

Noli doesn’t quite remember everything the voice tells her when V takes her out of the tree. V says my favorite line in the book as he tells Noli (finally) that she’s a girl worth fighting for.

What was your favorite part of this chapter? The kiss? V figuring out how to get around Tiana and be with Noli? Something else?

See you tomorrow!

Charmed Vengeance Read-Along Chapter 20

We’re nearing the end of the #cvreadalong. Join us at 6 pm PST on Thursday on twitter for #k8chat to talk about read-alongs, the book, and anything else you want to talk about. 

Chapter Twenty

Kevighn returns briefly to his beloved cabin, and we discover who his sister had been in love with. (Did you see that one coming?)

Steven and James finally meet up with Noli, in Boston. However, Noli is so ill she’s unconscious so V has to deal with big brother Jeff (And Vix, who hit him once and isn’t afraid to hit him again.) 

The only cure V and James can think of is to take Noli back with them to the Otherworld, however they’ll have to hide her presence from Queen Tiana….

What do you think happens next? 

Charmed Vengeance Read-Along Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen

Noli is still very sick with an illness caused by Brogan. Vix and Jeff take her to Boston, as planned. Partially because Jeff really has no idea what to do, other than bring her to their mother, who of course will know what to do, because she’s a mom. (Jeff is an early 20-something guy after all.) 

Vix is (obviously) very nervous about meeting Jeff’s mother, given she’s an air pirate and she’s engaged to her only son. 

When Noli arrives, ill, in Boston, Mrs. Braddock immediately steps in as the “household general” taking over Noli’s care and scolding Jeff for missing the details. 

Meanwhile James and V return Rahel to Dr. Heinz and receive their automaton. When they return to Mathias’ place (yes, they walk into a bar with a robot) they discover that Noli is ill and race off to Boston…

Do you think they’ll make it in time?

See you tomorrow!

Charmed Vengeance Read-Along Chapter Eighteen

In this chapter Brogan storms the Vixen’s Revenge to get his artifacts, which leads in to a gun/magic fight. Brogan’s forced off the ship but not before Brogan uses earth magic to make Noli (and the Sprite) ill. 

Kevighn returns to the Thirsty Pooka to meet with CiaranCiaran is Gaelic for “black” or “little dark one.” The Thirsty Pooka, the dark king’s pub, was actually something I created for book 1 and it never made it in. Actually, this entire scene is based scene from book 1 that was cut when it was decided to have Kevighn ”go off into the hinterlands” and not return to the dark court immediately.

The idea behind the Thirsty Pooka was inspired by “The Poisen Apple” from an animated movie that I now cannot remember. (Shrek perhaps.) I thought that if the dark court is the opposite of the high court, than what better foil to the ornate palace than a (slightly) seedy pub, presided over by the dark king himself. 

Would you go to the Thirsty Pooka? Which would you prefer, there or Mathias’ Place? 

See you tomorrow.