Charmed Vengeance Read-Along Chapter Eighteen

In this chapter Brogan storms the Vixen’s Revenge to get his artifacts, which leads in to a gun/magic fight. Brogan’s forced off the ship but not before Brogan uses earth magic to make Noli (and the Sprite) ill. 

Kevighn returns to the Thirsty Pooka to meet with CiaranCiaran is Gaelic for “black” or “little dark one.” The Thirsty Pooka, the dark king’s pub, was actually something I created for book 1 and it never made it in. Actually, this entire scene is based scene from book 1 that was cut when it was decided to have Kevighn ”go off into the hinterlands” and not return to the dark court immediately.

The idea behind the Thirsty Pooka was inspired by “The Poisen Apple” from an animated movie that I now cannot remember. (Shrek perhaps.) I thought that if the dark court is the opposite of the high court, than what better foil to the ornate palace than a (slightly) seedy pub, presided over by the dark king himself. 

Would you go to the Thirsty Pooka? Which would you prefer, there or Mathias’ Place? 

See you tomorrow. 

Charmed Vengeance Read-Along Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen

James and V’s story line once again brushes with Noli’s but doesn’t quite intersect. (Must. Torture. Characters.) The guys arrive at the Vixen’s Revenge while Noli and Jeff are out (not that V and James know Noli is aboard.) Vix punches V in the face, then gives him Rahel. Hattie, who’s taken a shine to James, helps them find a ship to take them back to New York so they can return Rahel to her father and get the automaton. Only when they’re aboard the ship do they discover from little Rahel that Noli was on the ship, too.

There’s a lot of cake consumed in book 2, though I think there’s more cake consumed in book 3. Kevighn continues to lie to Noli, however, he does bring her money for the artifacts, since the crew was counting on Brogan’s money. Noli goes back to the ship and confronts Vix and Jeff about doing business with Otherworld folk.

Jeff proposes to Vix and they decide to go to Boston for Thanksgiving, partially to get away from Brogan, who they know will be unhappy about not getting his stolen items. However, nothing is that easy…

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Charmed Vengeance Read-Along Chapter Sixteen

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Chapter Sixteen

The Vixen’s Revenge docks in San Francisco and Noli says goodbye to the little girls. She gives Rachel the redheaded doll that Jeff had won for her at the pier back in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Jeff is taking Noli with her on the “drop” as he goes to give the artifacts they’ve stolen to the buyer.

The dress Noli is wearing in this chapter (and she wears in other parts of the book) is based on this one.

They stopped selling it before CV released, which made me sad because I had wanted to buy it to wear for my launch party. 

Noli’s bad-assery from the previous chapter stays with her. My favorite line in this chapter is “For your information, Jeffrey Cornelius Braddock, I don’t ‘have hysterics’. However, I do have a parasol and I know how to use it.”   

When she realizes that Jeff and Vix are doing business with Brogan, V’s nefarious uncle and current king of the earth court, she takes the artifacts and gives them to Kevighn and hits Jeff with the aforementioned parasol when he intervenes. Noli reveals what really happened when she went missing from Findlay House, complete with faeries and magic. 

Kevighn promises Noli that he’ll dispose of the artifacts but he actually double crosses her and gives them to the dark king. Kevighn and Ciaran, the dark king, have a very long history. The dark king welcomes back the exiled Kevighn into the dark court, which he abandoned when he became huntsman after his sister’s death. We also discover both the dark king and Brogan are separately trying to collect the pieces of the artifact, which is dangerous and powerful. 

Why do you think Noli still trusts Kevighn, after everything?  What about Noli’s resolve to keep the artifacts out of Brogan’s hands even if it means going against Vix’s orders? 

See you tomorrow!

Charmed Vengeance Read-Along Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Fifteen

I love this chapter because Noli gets to have a bad-ass moment. With Hayden’s Follies down the Vixen’s Revenge is left to fend for itself when she’s attacked by cannon ships. Noli and the sprite have to work together and use magic to deflect the cannon balls so they don’t hit the ship. Since the sprite thinks it’s boring, Noli makes it into a game, promising her points for blowing things up and describing it like Mintonette. 

For those of you wondering that Mintonette is, it was an early name for Volleyball. In the Otherworld it’s played with no hands, only magic. 

Unfortunately, Vix sees magic in action. However, what we haven’t known until now is that Vix and Jeff know about the Otherworld, and now they suspect Noli knows as well. 

Things also start to align regarding the artifacts the crew is stealing and who exactly they’re working for. 

So….who do you think the artifacts are for? Ideas?   

See you tomorrow!

Charmed Vengeance Read-Along Chapter Fourteen

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Chapter Fourteen

One think I like about the chapter is how V and James’ story line and Noli’s story line brush up against each other but don’t quite intersect.

V and James are in pursuit of Rahel, Dr. Heinz’s daughter so they can get their automaton. Meanwhile the ship they’re chasing has been captured by the Vixen’s Revenge and Rahel is with Noli.

When I created this world of airships and air pirates I wanted to make sure that there were women represented — even though according to the laws of the mortal realm a woman can’t fly any sort of conveyance alone. Vix skits this because Jeff is the pilot, and she’s the captain. (Not that she probably cares, after all, she hoverboards, which is also illegal for women.) But what about women who just don’t care? After all, being an air pirate is already illegal, why not break the law even more.

Enter Hittie and Hattie Hayden, proprietresses of Hayden’s Follies. Hayden’s Follies is a sparrow class schooner. A very small, very light ship that’s really only good at one thing. Going fast. The sisters work closely with Vix, both in the women’s equality movement and  the children’s liberation front and in their primary occupation—flying decoy.

Decoys are bait. The decoys are hired to lure the air partly, or in this case the MoBatts, away so another ship can pass through safely. In this case The Vixen’s Revenge needs to move those kids to San Fran fast, and that means flying the unfriendly skies of Deseret.

Hittie and Hattie take James and V aboard for the wild ride. I do love how the sisters deem V “useless”, given he can’t really do anything helpful aboard an airship. Things get worse when their ship is shot down in enemy territory. Not only can they not get caught (or they’ll be taken prisoner) but James and V need to get Rahel before she’s taken to the safe house and V and James have to use their magic to fix the ship, though they’re attacked by more “helpers” for Queen Tianna.

Hittie and Hattie (also spelled Hitty and Hatty) were nicknames of the time, short for Henrietta and Harriet (though Hattie canbe used for both, Hittie can also be short for Esther or Mehitabel.)

One of my favorite lines in this chapter is “Good One, Captain Subtle,” which James mutters when V uses a little too much magic.

What’s your favorite Chapter 14 moment? Do you think James and V will meet up with Noli soon or do you think they’ll be kept apart? 

Charmed Vengeance Read-Along Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter 13

In this chapter two story lines finally collide (and they do collide.) Kevighn Silver arrives aboard the Vixen’s Revenge only to discover that Noli’s not in Los Angeles, but aboard the ship. This is an uncomfortable moment for both of them since a) Kevighn is afraid Jeff might hurt him if he knows the truth b) it’s difficult to explain anything without mentioning the Otherworld. 

I love how protective Winky and the crew get of Noli — and how Vix knows instinctively that Kevighn is trouble, probably more than he’s worth. Asa’s name was originally Cage, and wasn’t changed until very late in the game. In fact, the ARCs of book 3 still have Asa as Cage. 

The Vixen’s Revenge also takes off after the human traffickers and gets in a gun battle, conquers the ship, then takes all of their cargo, including the little girls, which they’ll take to a safehouse in San Francisco which will try to reunite the little girls with their families. 

One of my favorite moments in this chapter is how the sprite takes over — but this time it’s not to paint and decorate, but to take care of the little girls. The sprite takes charge doing tasks Nol would do, but find tedious, giving us a hint that the sprite is capable in her own right when she wants to be.

Another favorite moment of mine is when Kevighn wakes up Noli only to discover the sprite is in control — and of course sly Kevighn’s reaction to discovering that V has broken the stone in Noli’s necklace. I do love Kevighn’s determination. 

What’s your favorite Chapter 13 moment?

See you tomorrow!

Charmed Vengeance Read-Along — Chapter Twelve

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Chapter Twelve

Remember when I mentioned the three storylines and how they’d cross? Well…in Chapter Twelve we catch up with Kevighn Silver, who’s looking for a job. The Vixen’s Revenge is looking for a crew member…

Just wait until Kevighn and Noli meet, though you’ll have to wait for another chapter for that.

Meanwhile, the sprite has taken over, and is busy decorating the engine room with ribbons and painted flowers…in the middle of Noli’s diagnostics and repairs. (I’m not actually sure where the idea for that came from.)  But it is an indicator of the Sprite’s growing strength and how much focus and energy Noli has to have to keep the Sprite in check. After all, there’s basically another person in her head, one with thoughts. feelings, and magic of her own.  

Even though Vix is Jeff’s girlfriend, and even though he’s first mate on the ship, we see how hard Jeff tries to protect his sister, and hide her oddities from the others, even though he has no idea what is actually happening.

Noli isn’t human anymore, and she’s earth court now, well, sort of. She’s also on an airship, up in the air. This is why she does things like ask Jeff to buy her a plant or take her to the park. It’s her new nature that seeks a connection with the earth.

I love the interaction between Jeff and Noli as they sneak into the garden and have a picnic—and their banter as they visit the museum.

The human trafficking theme starts to pick up here. As I mentioned earlier, this stemmed from a conversation on twitter. In the Victorian Era there weren’t enough “joy-girls” (as Kevighn might say) to fill the demand so girls were abducted and brought to America to work in brothels.In 1910 a law was actually passed banning interstate transport of women for “immoral purposes.” Unfortunately, human tracking is still a problem world-wide over a hundred years later.

For the purpose of the story I have air pirates helping with the abduction of women and girls, from not just elsewhere, but the United States as well. Vix and some of her air pirate friends, and some of the “women’s equality movement” actively work against these particular air-pirates, since the law looks the other way. Who better to catch an air pirate than another air pirate?

Why do you suppose Jeff took Noli to the museum? Why did the symbols look familiar to Noli? 

Have a good weekend, and I hope you’ll join us tomorrow for the next chapter!